free gut healing resources

Mineral Foot Bath Recipe

Our body relies on the proper balance of minerals to function well. And unfortunately, stress rapidly depletes the body's mineral stores.

This free recipe will help you replenish these minerals - a key component of healing. And it’s way more cost effective than taking supplements!

5 Keys to Gut Healing

If you’ve been stuck in a never ending cycle of not feeling better and afraid that your gut would never heal, this guide is for you.

I created this eBook to give you five simple, easy to implement techniques that can truly give you the baseline that you need to transform your gut health.

H Pylori Root Cause Checklist

H pylori can be a difficult bacteria to eradicate. And if you've dealt with it for some time it might feel like you're spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.

Use this checklist to help you take a guided step back so you can evaluate any areas that could be holding you back from complete healing.



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