Gut Health Coaching Services

Upper GI Symptom relief

Find relief from your reflux, burping, nausea, heartburn, and more while we uncover the root of your symptoms and get rid of them for good.

H Pylori Eradication

Say goodbye to your stubborn H pylori infection for good with an herbal approach to removing the bacteria that also nourishes and repairs your gut.

NEW Coaching Packages Launching Soon

Jess specializes in helping people with H pylori or who have reflux, heartburn, nausea, and stomach pain find immediate relief from their symptoms while addressing the root causes so they can get back to their old life without having to worry about their gut health again!

What Clients are Saying

Jess is friendly and enthusiastic in her delivery of the wealth of knowledge she possesses about gut health and healing. Her approach has truly made this long journey to heal less daunting for me. Since working with Jess, I have noticed many improvements in my digestive health, as well as improvements in hormonal imbalance and mental health.

If you are thinking about working with Jess, I would highly recommend doing yourself a favor and take the plunge. She knows what she is talking about.
Jessie, 40
I have experienced years of frustration and angst with the medical system as I've struggled with chronic gut conditions in addition to an autoimmune disease.

Jess' holistic, personal approach is such a refreshing break from the all too often impersonal medical practices that simply push pills without looking at the whole picture.
Jess has so many great insights and suggestions on so many aspects of health! Working with her is a real game changer!

Jess has a wealth of knowledge and communicates everything in an easy to understand way.
I struggled with severe acid reflux for a few years and wasn’t getting anywhere with what I was already trying to do.

I found Jess during a Google search and followed her blog because I was convinced some of the symptoms she had experienced had similar causes to the symptoms I was experiencing.

I don’t think I am fully healed just yet, but Jess has been a great help getting me to where I am right now - which is feeling a whole lot better!

The Functional Labs We Use

GI-MAP Stool Testing

This in-depth stool analysis enables us to get a peek into your gut so that we can accurately determine what is causing your symptoms and how to get you feeling your best the fastest.

Saliva Stress & Hormone Panel

Hormones run the show when it comes to your energy, vitality, and your body's ability to overcome stressors. So looking at your cortisol (stress hormone) and sex hormone levels enables us to give your body the support it needs so it has more resources to devote to healing your gut.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Minerals are the spark plugs for our cells. And without adequate mineral levels, your body can't function as efficiently and effectively as it should. Supplementing minerals according to these results will help you feel more energized and give us insight into your metabolic health and stress levels.

common questions

Functional health coaching is mental, physical, and financial investment. The work we’ll do together has the potential to not only improve your health now, but transform how you live from now on.

With that being said, there are two coaching packages currently available.

Gut Focused Coaching: Two months of gut symptom-focused care. This coaching is best for people with a current diagnosis or who have tried everything and just need a different approach. Cost is $997, or two payments of $498.50.

Gut Health & Beyond Coaching: A three month health intensive that will look at your symptoms and pain points from all angles. This coaching is best for people who have never worked with a functional practitioner or who want to completely overhaul their health. Cost is $2,700, or three payments of $900.

We cannot take insurance, but HSA and FSA cards are accepted for all coaching fees and supplement costs.

Our first session will go over your complete health history and current symptoms. We will get a game plan in place for some key lifestyle changes and symptom management while we wait for your lab results to come in.

When we get your labs back we’ll have a download session where we’ll go over all your results, what they mean for you, and how we’re going to use them to recover your health.

From there we’ll have bi-weekly follow-up sessions where we’ll check in, review your progress, celebrate wins, and course correct as needed.

And during our final session we’ll reassess symptoms and evaluate how you can continue on your own from there. The goal of this health coaching is that you become your own empowered health advocate, and be able to take what you learn during our time together to improve your health for the better long-term.

Yes! All appointments are done virtually, either through phone or video call. We can work with anyone who lives in the United States or Canada.

There are no refunds available on coaching packages. Health coaching is a commitment, and to best ensure that we’re both fully committed to improving your health, there are no exit strategies.

Great question! While I’d love to help everyone struggling with gut issues, I unfortunately can’t be an expert at everything.

Currently, I’m only working with clients who are dealing with upper GI symptoms (like reflux, heartburn, GERD, burping, bloating, etc.), and/or have a confirmed case of H. pylori.

If that’s not you and you’re feeling lost, feel free to reach out and I can refer you to one of my colleagues who is an expert in your needs.

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