The Six Key Nutrients for Gut Health

Did you know that there are several key nutrients to help support your gut health?

Typically, when we think of using supplements to support gut healing we think of things like probiotics or collagen. But, there are some key nutrients that can make a huge impact on your gut health if you’re deficient!⁣⁠

So, if you’ve been struggling with your gut health and can’t figure out what’s going on, check to see if you’re deficient in any of these nutrients. Boosting your intake of them, either through supplementation or with food could be the answer to your gut health woes.

Here are the six most important nutrients for gut healing.

The Six Key Nutrients for Gut Health

Key Nutrient for Gut Healing #1: Zinc

Zinc helps your digestive tract to produce digestive enzymes more efficiently.

When you’re deficient in zinc, there’s a proven reduction in digestive enzyme production.

And if you’re dealing with a leaky gut, zinc supplementation can help to tighten those leaky junctions. This can help improve digestion, reduce food sensitivities, and eliminate fatigue after meals.

Your gut bacteria are also sensitive to your zinc levels. A zinc deficiency has been shown to negatively alter the microbiome.

The Six Key Nutrients for Gut HealthKey Nutrient for Gut Healing #2: Iron

Iron plays an important role in the health of your microbiome.

Iron supplementation has been shown to increase the number of beneficial gut bacteria along with the anti-inflammatory and leaky gut-preventing bacterial metabolite, butyrate.

And conversely, a microbiome that has access to plenty of prebiotic fibers and fermented foods can help to increase the absorption of iron, preventing anemia.

The Six Key Nutrients for Gut Health

Key Nutrient for Gut Healing #3: Selenium

Selenium is a key nutrient for gut health, affecting both the microbiome and the inflammatory response in the gut.

A deficiency in selenium can increase inflammation and oxidative stress in the gut. This can result in damage to the intestinal lining and is a possible contributor to leaky gut.

The Six Key Nutrients for Gut Health

Key Nutrient for Gut Healing #4: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another nutrient that helps to boost the gut immune system and microbiome health.

Low Vitamin D levels is linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the development of Autoimmune conditions in general.

Supplementing with Vitamin D has been shown to increase levels of Firmicutes and Bifidobacterium in the gut.

This positive modulation of the microbiome is likely a result of the immune modulating and anti-inflammatory effects of Vitamin D.

The Six Key Nutrients for Gut Health

Key Nutrient for Gut Healing #5: Magnesium

Magnesium is the constipated gut’s best friend.

Due to it’s ability to relax muscles, magnesium can be extremely helpful when dealing with constipation or sluggish digestion.

A magnesium deficiency can also result in a disruption of the microbiome, specifically decreased levels of the beneficial Bifidobacteria.

The Six Key Nutrients for Gut HealthKey Nutrient for Gut Healing #6: Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant that helps to protect cells in the gut lining from damage caused by inflammation.

We also need Vitamin C in order to make collagen, which can help to strengthen the gut lining, improving absorption and overall gut function.

The Bottom Line on Nutrients for Gut Healing

Maintaining appropriate levels of these six key nutrients for gut healing can help to boost your gut health and prevent additional issues with your gut.

If you’re dealing with unexplained gut symptoms, getting your blood tested for these nutrients could help you get to the root cause.

Nutrient deficiencies are best corrected for with dietary adjustments, but supplementation is often necessary.

Here are the supplement brands that I recommend for each of these gut healing nutrients:

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